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We buy and sell good quality old and used books.  Please call or email before bringing in books.  We are happy to answer your inquiries.  Please see FAQ page for more info.

We have tens of thousands of good books at friendly prices here in our store, in addition to the 7000+ listed online, which are also here on our shelves.  Inquiries welcome.

(We do not buy or sell: textbooks, Reader's Digest, Time Life series, magazines, paperback romance, etc.)

214 West McMillan
Cincinnati OH 45219

Regular hours

Mask required

Tuesdays through Sundays noon to 5 pm (closed Monday)

Masks required. Hand sanitizer available on the counter.


(Closed Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, MLKing Day, Memorial Day, July 4)